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Education and Employment

Born January 3, 1942 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Charles Posa McFadden graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portland, Oregon in 1960, University of British Columbia in Vancouver BC, 1964,1966 and University of Western Ontario in 1969 (Ph.D. Geophysics). He has worked as a teacher and researcher at McGill University (Geophysics and Mining Engineering), Atlantic Institute of Education (Graduate Science Teacher Education), Halifax School Board (Science Teacher), Dalhousie University (Continuing Education of Engineers and Architects) and the University of New Brunswick (Science Education), retiring from full time teaching and research in January 2001.  In retirement he has worked voluntarily on a number of educational projects.  In January 2010 he began research and writing jointly with his partner, Karen Howell McFadden, of the materials that appear on this website.

Research and Development

I. Accomplishments in geophysics include contributions to the study of the Nature of the Earth's Core (Master's Thesis, UBC,1969) and to upper mantle convection as an explanation for the Earth's main geotectonic features (Doctoral Dissertation, UWO, 1969 and Nature Vol 220(5166):468-469, November 2, 1968).

II. Principal professional accomplishments in science education include:

1. As Director of the Atlantic Science Curriculum Project and its Principal Investigator, lead co-authorship of SciencePlus Technology and Society, a set of "best-practice" resources for science teaching that enjoyed significant success in opposition to the emergence of an increasingly aggressive neoliberal education policy and practice from the 1980s forward. Researched and developed over a period of nearly 20 years from 1977 and published in several English, French and Spanish language editions, including a total of over 100 books of resources for junior high and middle school students and teachers, sold internationally in over 2 million copies, this program was used by over 10 million students in 30 countries, principally in Canada and the United States. It was used in field test versions as early as the late 1970s. The 2002 US edition was the last edition published.  It was identified in 1992 by the US National Middle School Association and in 1993 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as the best available science program for middle school students. As part of the research for this program, McFadden wrote 8 research reports, 3 refereed journal articles and 3 book chapters and gave over 50 conference presentations.

2. Contributions to international and comparative science education, principally on science education in the former USSR, included 2 research reports, 2 refereed journal articles, 1 book chapter, several popular articles and 4 conference presentations.

3. Professional community development included the founding and initial leadership of several professional organizations, including the UNESCO affiliated International Organization for Science and Technology Education (1979 to the present) (

4. McFadden is also the author of scores of other publications on a variety of research projects in science education.

III. Picking up on themes that have occupied him intellectually, politically and socially at various times, McFadden is currently engaged in research, writing and action on the links between science, education, democracy and the environment.


This website was launched September 1, 2010 in support of a green social democratic alternative to neoliberal capitalist policy and practice. The primary result is a work by Charles and Karen McFadden of seven chapters, grouped under the title, Towards a Green Social Democratic Alternative to Capitalism available here in pdf and html formats.

Below under the heading What’s New can be found the most recent materials posted on this website, including opinion pieces, book reviews, articles and selections from the 2017 edition of the main work.  For the interest of new and returning visitors, new materials will be included quarterly.

What's New


Authors' Preface

1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

6.0 The socialism we need against the "socialism" of the 20th century

6.8 Additional concerns about 20th century variants of "socialism"

6.9 The people united!

7.1 Policy alternatives and political movements to advance them


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Karen and Charles McFaddenA Dominant Capitalism or a Sustainable Environment? Why we can't have both.


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William I. RobinsonTrumpism, 21st Century Fascism, and the Dictatorship of the Transnational Capitalist Class


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1.7 The dynamics of capitalism as a system and the limits of single issue reforms

2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

3.1 The challenge of a moribund economic system

3.7 Public banking: A cornerstone of a green social democracy

4.7 Economics and culture

6.5 Using the non-market economy as an opportunity to begin moving beyond capitalism


1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

2.0 Theoretical Perspective: Defining Green Social Democracy

2.5. Socialism and green social democracy in historical materialist theory

4.3 Culture in historical perspective

5.1 Contrasting a green social democratic world with the currently prevailing, but challenged neo-liberal one

6.2 Socialism and capitalism as coexisting social systems


2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

5.7 Defeating neo-liberal capitalism: The role of social movements

7.3 Justice: Creating a just society, based on the right of all to a dignified, secure existence

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