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One troubling thought is at least partly responsible for the action you see manifest in the creation and continuing development of this website. We have imagined the unimaginable. We have visualized a near term future in which people had to face as certain knowledge that the accumulated damage done to the biosphere was no longer manageable, that Earth would in the lifetime of living generations no longer be inhabitable, that we had failed to do all we reasonably could to ensure that there would be generations well into the future to remember appreciatively the sacrifices and achievements that were made so they could also enjoy life.

Do such thoughts ring a bell? Good!! Then we have work to do together.

Our worst fears are not a forecast of the future. Our most recent pass, jointly researched and developed, at an approach to meeting the environmental problematic can be found in the core document on this website, Towards a Green Social Democratic Alternative to Capitalism. As an artist (Karen), a scientist (Chuck) and as educators, with your help, we intend that this website serve as a source of options that can bring us together in common action for a just, sustainable future.  

Included here is an attempt to identify the wrong choices our governments make when we are sufficiently acquiescent, if not complicit. We believe and argue that these include

  • Permitting private profit motivated corporations, including those involved in the extraction and use of fossil fuels, to act as legal persons with rights to lobby government and influence elections,
  • Allowing continued wealth and income redistribution upwards from the poorest to the wealthiest, leaving the poorest and most vulnerable at greatest risk in the face of growing environmental challenges,
  • Skimping on public funding for health, education and science, leaving all of us less prepared to meet these environmental challenges, while increasing the resources of those who then use them in wasteful, even harmful, speculation and excess personal consumption,
  • Allowing deregulation of the fossil fuel and other industries or - which is the same thing - making their executives the watchdogs of their own behavior,
  • Permitting food and other consumer industries to target gullible children as markets for their products, including, most shamefully, those food products known to undermine their health, making them more vulnerable to environmental challenges and shortfalls in resources available for healthcare.

Also included on this site is an attempt to identify the right choices that we need to have our governments make on our behalf, including, we believe:

  • Treating human-caused climate change as the greatest threat to our future,
  • Creating stronger, more stable communities through more equal sharing of the wealth and income to which all past and present generations have contributed and by expanding the Commons, those resources of air, water, land, knowledge and ideas that are rightfully the common inheritance of all,
  • Using the regulatory and taxation powers of government to move us with greater urgency on the path to minimum necessary energy use, including in transportation, agriculture, industry and housing,
  • Invest in research, development and infrastructure and use tax incentives and regulatory power to transition more rapidly from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy,
  • Move agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing and tourism with all due speed in the direction of practices that enhance the ability of our ecosystems to maintain our biosphere's thermal equilibrium, including maintaining the diversity and abundance of living things that protect and nourish us,
  • Taking the necessary steps to facilitate a humane adaptation to the unavoidable results of past unwitting human misdeeds to the environment, including:
    • greater support (retraining, moving expenses, income support) to workers and their families in the transition from a fossil fuel economy to one based on renewable energy, primarily wind, solar and geothermal energy,
    • adoption of measures (migration treaties, moving and relocation assistance, language and cultural education) that permit the victims of environmental change to relocate to habitable areas, including the peaceful and lawful crossing of national borders; and
  • To make all of the above feasible and to bring stability to the financial system, by making the financial industry a public utility.

These ideas and more will be featured and discussed on this website, with your input and help.

Yours for a green social democracy,

Karen and Charles McFadden (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


This website was launched September 1, 2010 in support of a green social democratic alternative to neoliberal capitalist policy and practice. The primary result is a work by Charles and Karen McFadden of seven chapters, grouped under the title, Towards a Green Social Democratic Alternative to Capitalism available here in pdf and html formats.

Below under the heading What’s New can be found the most recent materials posted on this website, including opinion pieces, book reviews, articles and selections from the 2017 edition of the main work.  For the interest of new and returning visitors, new materials will be included quarterly.

What's New


Authors' Preface

1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

6.0 The socialism we need against the "socialism" of the 20th century

6.8 Additional concerns about 20th century variants of "socialism"

6.9 The people united!

7.1 Policy alternatives and political movements to advance them


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1.7 The dynamics of capitalism as a system and the limits of single issue reforms

2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

3.1 The challenge of a moribund economic system

3.7 Public banking: A cornerstone of a green social democracy

4.7 Economics and culture

6.5 Using the non-market economy as an opportunity to begin moving beyond capitalism


1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

2.0 Theoretical Perspective: Defining Green Social Democracy

2.5. Socialism and green social democracy in historical materialist theory

4.3 Culture in historical perspective

5.1 Contrasting a green social democratic world with the currently prevailing, but challenged neo-liberal one

6.2 Socialism and capitalism as coexisting social systems


2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

5.7 Defeating neo-liberal capitalism: The role of social movements

7.3 Justice: Creating a just society, based on the right of all to a dignified, secure existence

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