A Chilling Document from Canada’s Department of Defence

- Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden

Reading Defence Policy Review: Public Consultation Document 2016 from the Department of Defence Canada was for us a rude re-awakening to the urgent need for renewal of the global movement for peace as an inseparable part of the struggle for a healthy environment and a just, democratic human future. Hardly disguised in this Canadian Department of Defence discussion document is its authors’ interest in signing up for participation in a US star wars program (anti-ballistic missile defence) under the rubric of NORAD and NATO. While ostensibly raising questions for discussion concerning Canada’s defence policy, unquestioned is Canada’s continuing commitment to participation in these relics of the cold war. The section of the document on procurement gives away one of the likely motivations: profitable defence contracts for Canada’s arms industry. The other evident motivation is the search for justification for continued public investment in so-called departments of defence in the face of the evident need to allocate more public resources towards a healthy natural environment and a socially just system of production and distribution of the goods and services essential to human existence.

The horrific images of devastation conveyed daily from the war zones of the Middle East and experienced by tens of thousands of soldiers from the NATO countries who have been stationed there and tens of millions of innocent civilian victims at the sites of unpardonable destruction are only equalled by the environmental and war wasteland portrayed in the recent quasi-fictional movie, Mad Max. Was that movie a warning or cultural preparation for what awaits all of us if policies that begin with prioritizing the right and duty of private profit over environmental and social welfare end with similarly motivated "defence" policies?

Defence Policy Review is a reminder of the level of subservience of the recently defeated Harper government of Canada to the fossil fuel industry (Canadian and American) and to the military-industrial complex centred financially on Wall Street and politically in Washington DC. With the imprint of the incoming government, the focus of the recently released Canadian document is on military missions and preparations for war unsupported by comparable evidence of the existence of actual enemies or threats that merit more than a civilian police corps and much greater Canadian and international assistance to the victims of war and environmental destruction and greater diplomatic efforts to resolve contentious issues between and within nations.

This "consultation" document speaks instead to the ongoing needs of the Canadian military industrial complex, which like its big brother to the south thrives only by re-creating the demand for its own continuing existence. War and war preparations beget more war and more war preparations, in the process displacing the attention needed to address the issues of human-caused climate change and environmental destruction and the social consequences of growing wealth and income inequality. War and war preparations divert and waste human and natural resources needed for the struggle against poverty, hunger, disease, inequality and environmental destruction and for a just, sustainable future, built on investments in education, healthy people, a healthy environment and global human solidarity.

Reading this document was also a reminder of the recurrent sounds of war that frequently break the tranquility of that part of rural New Brunswick that has been our family home for several decades. These are the sounds from the nearby territory occupied by Defence Canada’s Base Gagetown, used for practicing war.

What the world, including Canada, actually needs most is to reverse the trend to greater environmental destruction to which the military industrial complex contributes. It also needs an enhanced mobilization in support of those seeking refuge from climate change and war and a greater commitment to building a more just, sustainable global economy. It does not need public expenditures on goods and services whose principal purpose is a disguised form of welfare to oligarchic capital.

Our respect for the neighbours who have committed part or all of their lives to military service is best expressed by insisting that all who represent their countries in this way have alternative opportunities for public service and are fully provided with the medical care and social and economic support they need when they return or retire from this service.

We need and should have the right to be employed in constructing a sustainable economy, not in destroying other people and our shared home on planet Earth. We need a world of peace, environmental and social justice, not one characterized by war and oligarchy!


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