Mexico In Spanish, this is Mexico's progressive daily newspaper.

Europe This Spanish language website serves as the principal communication link for a vital people's movement, one which has become the leading force on the left in Spain - a source of inspiration internationally. The English language version of the website of one of the principal left parties (die linke) in Germany.

English language of international interest An indispensable free online encyclopaedia with in-depth, authoritative, well referenced treatment on just about every topic and issue, scientific, political, geographic, artistic, philosophical, historical... A good starting point for research on any topic likely to be of interest to those concerned about environmental and social justice issues. (Also available in other languages). For daily one-hour commercial free internet available in-depth coverage and analysis of the major international news events of the day this source is deservedly gaining a rapidly growing international audience, including listeners and viewers of over 900 stations as well as those who access it via the internet. By placing yourself on the email list of this website, you will daily receive a list of links to their selection of some of the best articles on current issues from the leading progressive journalists, political leaders, social and political thinkers and activists in the USA, UK, Canada and around the world. Frequent contributors include Noam Chomsky,  Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, among others. An excellent way to keep abreast of news and analysis on environmental and social justice issues. From this website you can also access the scores of journals and sources Common Dreams draws from as well as other media such as the online news channel Democracy Now!. Arguably some of the best theoretical work on the nature of the present global socio-environmental-economic-crisis is published by Monthly Review Press.  A sampling of this work can be found at this online edition of Monthly Review.  For an introduction to this magazine and a sampling of the work of its editor, John Bellamy Foster, anyone engaged in the struggle for a just sustainable future is well advised to read John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark's article on "The Planetary Emergency" which can be found at This international journal brings together socialist, Marxist, and ecological perspectives on the socio-environmental crises that define our time. International political action on combating climate change is led from and reported on this website, established by Bill McKibben.

United States Co-founded by Gar Alperovitz and James Gustave Speth in association with a who's who of leaders of the major social movements in the United States, The Next System Project has embraced the challenge of leadership in moving the United States beyond capitalism. A recent listing (March 2017) of their published next system proposals can be found at: This action group within the Democratic Party includes left democratic leaders within and outside of Congress. The Green Party of the United States has had electoral success at the state and local level in most states.  Its policy orientation is green and social democratic (eco-socialist). An independent progressive action group, it organizes petitions, write-ins and other actions directed particularly at legislators. For economic policy analysis on topical issues, this progressive think tank, led by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot, is a necessary antidote to the think tanks funded by Wall Street. This user-friendly website features analysis that aims to broaden the discussion and coverage of otherwise under-reported news.

Canada is an independent media source featuring Canadian news, analysis, blogs, podcasts, discussion, book reviews and video.  Regularly featured are some of Canada's best independent journalists. Fair Vote Canada is leading the fight in Canada for more democratic electoral systems, addressing a major problem of under-representation of the majority of voters in winner take all systems. Canada's green party saw its leader, Elizabeth May, again elected to Parliament in the October 2015 Federal Elections.  It remains under-represented in the Canadian Parliament in relation to the percentage of votes received, a continuing impetus to the movement for a more democratic electoral system. Quebec Solidaire is a left social democratic party supported by about 10% of the electorate in the 2012 and 2014 Quebec elections. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is Canada's antidote to the think tanks funded by Canadian finance capitalism. and are two leading Canadian activist organizations that address a wide range of social and environmental issues.  Initiated by young people, with a growing membership that now spans the age spectrum, Leadnow has rapidly become an influential force for a more democratic Canada.  The older Council of Canadians is arguably the most influential democratic social movement in Canada active on a wide spectrum of issues, with active branches in most of the larger communities.  

Please advise us of any other links you consider indispensable to the green and social justice movements in your country.


This website was launched September 1, 2010 in support of a green social democratic alternative to neoliberal capitalist policy and practice. The primary result is a work by Charles and Karen McFadden of seven chapters, grouped under the title, Towards a Green Social Democratic Alternative to Capitalism available here in pdf and html formats.

Below under the heading What’s New can be found the most recent materials posted on this website, including opinion pieces, book reviews, articles and selections from the 2017 edition of the main work.  For the interest of new and returning visitors, new materials will be included quarterly.

What's New


Authors' Preface

1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

6.0 The socialism we need against the "socialism" of the 20th century

6.8 Additional concerns about 20th century variants of "socialism"

6.9 The people united!

7.1 Policy alternatives and political movements to advance them


Charles and Karen McFadden, Is revolutionary transformation on the agenda

Charles and Karen McFaddenHumanity on the Brink

Charles and Karen McFaddenMovements of Resistance to Movements for System Change

Charles McFaddenTranslating Green Principles into Education Policy and Practice

Charles and Karen McFadden, The Role of Revolutionaries in the Labor Movement


Charles and Karen McFadden, “The Shape of Water” as an Antidote to the Age of Trump 

Charles McFadden, Decolonizing the U.S. & Canada: The People United for a More Just Sustainable Future

Karen and Charles McFaddenCan emergent early 21st century neo-fascism be defeated without coming to grips with late 20th century restructuring of capitalism into a global system

Karen and Charles McFaddenA Dominant Capitalism or a Sustainable Environment? Why we can't have both.


William I. RobinsonThe Crisis of Global Capitalism and Trump's March to War

William I. RobinsonTrumpism, 21st Century Fascism, and the Dictatorship of the Transnational Capitalist Class


George HewisonWINNIPEG 1919 & THE COLD WAR

George HewisonArt Manuel - "Unsettling Canada

George HewisonThe NDP and LEAP


Albert Einstein, David Swanson, Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, William I. Robinson, and others Selected articles for Winter 2018



1.7 The dynamics of capitalism as a system and the limits of single issue reforms

2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

3.1 The challenge of a moribund economic system

3.7 Public banking: A cornerstone of a green social democracy

4.7 Economics and culture

6.5 Using the non-market economy as an opportunity to begin moving beyond capitalism


1.6 The epochal nature of the period we are entering

2.0 Theoretical Perspective: Defining Green Social Democracy

2.5. Socialism and green social democracy in historical materialist theory

4.3 Culture in historical perspective

5.1 Contrasting a green social democratic world with the currently prevailing, but challenged neo-liberal one

6.2 Socialism and capitalism as coexisting social systems


2.11 The economy in transition towards a new deal for labor and the community

5.7 Defeating neo-liberal capitalism: The role of social movements

7.3 Justice: Creating a just society, based on the right of all to a dignified, secure existence

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